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Arnhemsche Fayencefabriek - Arnhem (1907 - 1934)

Like the PZH, the Arnhemsche Fayencefabriek is another success story in its own right. Emerging from the Plateelfabriek Purmerend, Firma Jb. Vet & Co. (1903 – 1906) ‘Arnhem’ has produced a number of different design styles, reflecting the various employment periods of their successive lead-designers. During the early years, the abstract-linear designs were a continuation of the Purmerend period. As well as a distinctive Persian range of decors ‘Arnhem’ also transformed to the more ‘typical’ Gouda designs with the arrival of W.P. Hartgring in 1917 who had just left the Gouda based PZH.

504 Zon 20 Morea Persian LH Medal Astra Polo

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