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La Ceramique Montoise - Mons (1920 ish - 1950 ish)

Cearmique Montoise (Bergen) was one of the Belgian plateel factories, which, on the whole, made quite good quality plateel. Although for most people it is 'one step too far' to label these products as 'Gouda Pottery' we should not forget that this comparison is not unlike the existence of 'Australian Cheddar' cheese in addition to the original English Cheddar, and the recognition of a good 'Champagne' originating from anywhere other than the Champagne Region of France. For this reason a few of the CM objects have been included in this collection, simply supplementing the Dutch plateel.

For further information on Cearmique Montoise, please refer to Chapter 75 of Ron Tasman's Gouda Pottery Book (Volume III). See LINKS Page on this website to read the Gouda Pottery Book review and details of where to purchase this book.

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