E.S.K.A.F. Candlestick "277"

Factory: E.S.K.A.F.
Dimensions: Height 19cm, diameter 11.5cm
Mould No: 277
Artist: W.M.?
Date Mark: Probably early 1930s
Comments: Since the factory operated in Huizen between 1927 and 1934, and the production was reduced in 1932, this item was most likely made during the very early 1930s. The model was designed by W.H. van Norden. The painter may have been W.M.? There is no pattern or decor name, which was often the case. The marking of "Huizen" shows that it is made by E.S.K.A.F. The additional letters "OLA" stand for "Orde voor Levende Arbeid" (Order of Living Labour) and seemed to appear during the early thirties for a very short period only. The green colours used during the "OLA" period tended to be more "copper-green", rather than the darker green as often used before. This can be seen very clearly on this item.

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