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Plateelfabriek Ivora - Gouda (1630..........1915 - 1965......1984)

Gouda based Plateelbakkerij P. van der Want Gzn. (later known as Ivora) really dates from 1630 when it started to produce clay-pipes. Around 1915 Ivora joined the stage in making plateel. After the PZH it became the largest plateel producer in town. Also being an established pipe-maker the transition to plateel seemed a natural move; especially when the demand for the clay-pipe was dwindling. Like Zenith, Ivora had to call it a day in the year 1984 when it had become too difficult to continue. In 1965 the Van der Want family had already sold the company but in 1984 it was officially deregistered as a company.

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