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Jumbo - Gouda (1953 - 1997)


Plateelbakkerij Jumbo, like Tiko, was one of those post war enterprises which has largely been under-valued or under-recognized. As well as Delftware, most of the factory’s products met the new demands of the post-war buyers. The typical and more ‘traditional’ hand-painted Gouds Plateel had by then largely fallen out of favour and people started to search more for the ‘clean’ and ‘fresh’ look in plateel designs as by then produced by many other companies during the post-war decades.
However apart from the simpler, bright, but still colourful items Jumbo also made objects in black decorated with small patterns in a contrast colour. The one and only object in this collection is such an example which is not dissimilar in style to some of the Tiko designs.

For further information on Plateelbakkerij Jumbo, please refer to Chapter 67 of Ron Tasman's Gouda Pottery Book (Volume III). See LINKS Page on this website to read the Gouda Pottery Book review and details of where to purchase this book.

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