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Potterij Rembrandt - Utrecht (1906 - 1908), Nijmegen (1908 - 1925), Gouda [acquired by PZH (1925 - 1964]

Potterij Rembrandt, originating in Utrecht (1906), has existed most of the time in Nijmegen from 1908 to 1925 when it was acquired by Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland (PZH). The fact that many designs were reminiscent of those of the PZH is not surprising since the founder, Pieter Cornelis Köhler (1876 – 1940), had been a plateel painter at the PZH for a few years. The factory had effectively travelled a full circle when it fell in the hands of its ‘big brother’ in the mid 1920s.

HO41 Nelly Palmyra

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