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N.V. Plateelfabriek Schoonhoven - Schoonhoven (1920 - Today)

‘Schoonhoven’ is one of the very few still surviving significant potteries which has produced Gouda Pottery and Delftware; although the latter was not added to their portfolio until 1937. The early products were of the matte plateel variety in a very ‘own’ style, right from the inception of the company. Figurines were made since the mid 1920s. The one and only object in this collection dates from the 1920s.

For further information on Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven, please refer to Chapter 50 of Ron Tasman's Gouda Pottery Book (Volume III). See LINKS Page on this website to read the Gouda Pottery Book review and details of where to purchase this book.


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