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Plateelbakkerij en Pijpenfabrieken Zenith - Gouda (1749 ..........1915 - 1984)

Plateel - en Pijpenfabrieken Zenith was previously known as Fa. P.J. van der Want Azn. and was founded back in 1749. Together with Ivora it was one of the longest surviving Dutch plateel factories. Like Regina, Zenith did not start with their plateel production until it had seen the growing success of the PZH for some time. Diminished demand for the clay-pipe as well as the commercial gains at the nearby PZH factory caused Zenith to take the plunge by launching a decorative art section which produced the increasingly more popular Gouda Pottery. Zenith survived the hard times of the recession and continued to produce until 1984. This was the same year that Ivora also finally disappeared from the scene.

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