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Iris - Gouda (1925 - 1968) [founded by Jan Montagne]

Very little is known about this Gouda based pottery "De Iris" (1925 - 1968) indeed. And yet it was founded during the peak of the Gouda years of mass-production and lasted until well into the nineteen-sixties. As Ron Tasman describes in his Gouda Pottery Book, most existing publications do not even mention this pottery, with the exception of the 1997 publication of "Gouds Plateel 1898 - 1928" by Karin Gaillard.
In the absence of informative details it is perhaps not surprising that collectors found the occasional object of plateel featuring the word "IRIS" without realizing its origin. In the knowledge that 'Iris' had been used as a decor name by more than one of the larger plateel factories, people can be forgiven to be confused by the odd 'Iris'. I too was confused but with some expert advice I assigned these three items to the "IRIS" corner.

For further information on Plateelbakkerij De Iris, please refer to Chapter 55 of Ron Tasman's Gouda Pottery Book (Volume III). See LINKS Page on this website to read the Gouda Pottery Book review and details of where to purchase this book.

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