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Faience en Tegelfabriek Westraven v/h Gebr. Ravenstein - Utrecht, Groenekan and Utrecht (1844 - 1994)

The name 'Westraven' was used in 1908 after it had adopted the under-glaze technique. The company became known as Faience en Tegelfabriek Westraven. Previously, the Ravenstein Brothers only made Old-Dutch tin-glazed tiles in the Majolica style, under the name of "Gebroeders Ravenstein". Westraven is perhaps better known for their tiles than its faience.

For further information on Westraven, please refer to Chapter 31 of Ron Tasman's Gouda Pottery Book (Volume II). See LINKS Page on this website to read the Gouda Pottery Book review and details of where to purchase this book.

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